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Dermatologists & Acne Specialist Located Near John C. Lincoln hospital , Phoenix, AZ

Welcome To Dermatology Associates

For over four decades, Dermatology Associates has provided patients in Phoenix, Arizona, with personalized and advanced dermatological care. 

The team of board-certified dermatologists takes ample time to discuss each patient’s needs so they can tailor their recommendations accordingly. Patients can anticipate the latest evidence-based treatments to treat common and rare skin concerns. 

Dermatology Associates treats a wide range of blemishes and growths that appear on the skin. Patients trust the team to correctly diagnose and treat cysts, moles, warts, actinic keratosis, melasma, and acne using creative strategies according to their individual needs. 

The team also specializes in treating severe skin concerns like skin cancer using highly specialized techniques like Mohs surgery. 

Some skin concerns are more cosmetic than clinical. The Dermatology Associates team understands that the appearance of skin has significance for many people and offers advanced care to give patients smooth, clear skin they’re eager to display. 

Among other impressive technologies, Dermatology Associates boasts the Lumenis M22 laser for tattoo removal, spot removal, hair removal, and general skin rejuvenation.   

In many cases, biopsies and other tests assist the team in correctly identifying skin conditions or foreseeing complications in the future. The team thoroughly evaluates every skin concern to ensure effective and appropriate treatments for every patient.  

For highly personalized dermatology services, call Dermatology Associates with two locations in Phoenix, Arizona, today or book an appointment online at any time.