Cysts services offered in Near John C. Lincoln hospital , Phoenix, AZ

A cyst in your skin can cause tenderness, pain, or concern for your dermatological health. The board-certified dermatologists at Dermatology Associates, with two offices in Phoenix, Arizona, can examine, test, and drain your cyst if it’s bothersome for any reason. To learn more about cysts and how to treat them, call Dermatology Associates or schedule an evaluation online today. 

Cysts Q & A

How do cysts form?

Cysts are bumps that grow slowly in your skin. They’re most common on your face, neck, or the core of your body, but they can appear anywhere. You don’t have to treat a cyst unless it causes pain or discomfort or if you don’t like how it looks. 

Your skin continuously grows new cells to replace the old ones it sheds off. Sometimes, older cells migrate downward into the skin instead of rising to the surface. They then multiply to form a mass, eventually forming the walls of the cyst. In response, your skin secretes keratin into the cyst to form its thick fluid-filled core.

The larger a cyst grows, the more likely it is to become inflamed and tender. A cyst can also develop an infection or abscess. 

When do cysts need professional care?

Not all cysts require professional treatment, but a few distinct signs should prompt you to visit Dermatology Associates for an evaluation. You should report any cysts that:

  • Grow rapidly
  • Rupture
  • Show signs of infection (e.g., pain and redness)
  • Recur in the same place after disappearing

Cysts in unusual locations, like your fingers or toes, can be highly uncomfortable in your day-to-day life. You might also dislike the way a cyst looks, which is a valid reason for pursuing dermatological treatment. 

How are cysts removed?

The team at Dermatology Associates can remove your cyst if it’s bothersome in any way, whether it’s physically uncomfortable or just difficult to hide. With extensive training, the team can safely incise, drain, and remove a cyst in its entirety. 

Before the team begins your cyst removal procedure, they may inject the cyst and area of skin around it with anti-inflammatory medication. This makes the cyst less painful and tender. They then incise and drain the cyst before removing its sac. Keeping the sac in place might lead to the development of another cyst in the same area. 

During the process of treatment, the Dermatology Associates team may take a biopsy of your cyst to analyze its contents. 

Call Dermatology Associates or schedule an appointment online for more information about cysts and their removal today.